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Gladbeck-based Minex GmbH is an subsidiary company of MINERALplus GmbH and operates a slurry packing plant in Stassfurt under supervision by the mining authorities.

Since 2008, we have been packing solution-mined CIECH Soda Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG salt mining caverns with a cavity of approximately 4.3 million m³.

In view of the former mining activity in the surroundings, the cavities (caverns) created by solution mining operations have to be backfilled in order to protect the surface from subsidence and to prevent salt from entering the groundwater.

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Thick backfill in caverns filled in this way has proven to be a particularly safe and economical backfilling method.

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Our method of backfilling large caverns from underground salt mining is particularly safe and conserves resources.

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High quality

Our specially developed building material is produced under constant laboratory control from fly ash and reaction salts from waste incineration.

MinComDVM01K® — the perfect packing material for salt mining

  • Formulation developed with the participation of numerous renowned experts and universities
  • Raw materials are flue dusts and reaction salts from waste incineration plants
  • Production of the packing material in a strictly controlled and fully documented process at the MINERALplus mixing plant
  • Transport of the dry construction material in special silo trucks to Stassfurt packing plant, where brine from the caverns is added and the resulting slurry packing material is pumped into the caverns
  • Annual capacity approx. 200,000 metric tons of packing material

Safety and environmental protection

Possible environmental implications of the Stassfurt facility, such as dust and gaseous emissions, noise, and negative impacts on the natural environment, were assessed by experts and taken into account in its implementation. Safe operation of the plant has been demonstrated in a comprehensive safety report, which has also been submitted to the responsible authorities. 

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